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  EM Technology for Dry Cleaning
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Unisec is the machine designed to maximize the power of the EM
Effective Microoganisms
The Characteristics of EM   Unisec Built with EM Technoloy
  Technological breakthrough in dry cleaning
EM prevents any contamination of the solvent and maintains its cleanliness without distillation. EM decomposes contaminants which results in outstanding wash quality.
  Non Ionizing   Amazing Cleaning Quality
EM activity removes any static, odor, lint and wrinkles.
The customers can see and feel the increased quality that is obtained with EM products.
  Antioxidants   Extending the Life of Machine
EM's strong antioxidant effects prevent acidification of the machine's interior and extends the life of the machine...
  Germs & Pest
  Remove Germs, Pests and odors
EM forms an environment in which harmful bacteria cannot grow and this removes any odors that may be caused by the bacteria.
  Help to Save the Environment
There is no sludge formation and environmental pollution is greatly reduced. EM Soap is a non polluting pure soap and does not contain any hazardous chemicals.
Is Synthetic Detergent Safe?
The synthetic detergent (or soap) you purchase commercially is composed of bio-hazardous chemical compounds. Researchers say some of these known compounds are endocrine disrupters (example, Dioxin) and when absorbed through the skin, go deep into the body.  These disrupters destroy tissue cells, and can cause mutation of these cells.  The composition of synthetic detergent is also linked to cancer-forming substances, and has a side effect of creating antibiotic resistant viruses.
EM® Soap is Gentle to Your Skin and Body.
In today’s marketplace, it is difficult to purchase 100% pure soap.  
Most body cleansers are actually synthetic detergents.  These detergents are labeled and marketed as “soap” but are not soap according to the legal definition of the product. EM® Soap, on the other hand, is made solely with natural oil. 
It is pure soap, NOT synthetic detergent. It is a chemical free product, so it is very safe to use on a daily basis. 
It is gentle on sensitive skin, and is recommended for babies and the elderly,and especially young women.
EM® Soap creates a healthy environment and supports the Earth.
Many users of EM® Soap delightfully report amazing and unexpected, results from using this earth-friendly product. 
For example, difficult to clean water spots in the kitchen sink and washing machines vanish. Customers who use EM Soap on a regular basis to wash clothes find that their clothes are softer and resist typical wear. Caretakers of the elderly discover that when EM® Soap is consistently used, odors are eliminated from the patient’s body as well as from the surrounding linens and beds. 
On a bigger scale, the use of EM® Soap helps maintain a clean and vibrant environment.  Plants typically die in an environment where harmful chemical components from synthetic detergents are present; however, these same plants will thrive if given water infused with EM® Soap. 
There are also many other reported cases of lifeless, polluted waterways such as lakes and streams, using this same EM® technology, which produces EM Soap, being brought back to life again.
EM soap & EM filter is great solution for the dry cleaners.
Professor Higa, the founder of EM, in conjunction with the organic soap manufacturers, and a research team comprised of dry cleaning specialists, has formed the EM detergent and filter exclusively for dry cleaning purposes. The EM incorporated in the detergent is made to survive inside the solvent and at high temperatures, and works to dissociate contaminants, eradicate harmful bacteria, suppress static formation and promote antioxidant formation which ultimately solves many problems arising from dry cleaning.
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