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  EM Technology for Dry Cleaning
    EM Technology for Dry Cleaning EM Filter for Dry Cleaning        
EM soap & EM filter is great solution for the dry cleaners.
EM prevents any contamination of the hydrocarbon solvent
and maintains its cleanness.
EM decomposes contaminants which results in outstanding wash quality.
EM activity removes any static, odor, lint or wrinkles.
The EM decomposes any sludge that forms and clogs the filters,
which dramatically increases filter mileage.
EM's strong antioxidant effects prevent acidification of the machine's interior
and extends the machine's life.
Maintenance is so easy due to the fact that there is no sludge formation
and environmental pollution is greatly reduced.
EM forms an environment in which harmful bacteria cannot grow and this removes
any odors that may be caused by the bacteria.
The customers feel on their bodies, the increased quality of washing with EM
and customer satisfaction levels rise as well as sales.
  Other benefits derived from using EM soap
EM's anti oxidation properties prevent any yellowing of garments and also, by attacking the bad bacteria which tend to eat away at fabrics, increase the life of your garments.
Garments cleaned with EM soap tend to stay fresher longer and last longer.
Due to the fact that EM is a natural insect repellant, insects and their Larvae will not attack fabrics cleaned with EM soap.
Mold will not form on garments cleaned with EM soap.
Most people report a reduction in body odor retention of the garments cleaned in an EM solution.
EM Hydro-carbon Soap is a non polluting pure soap and does not contain any hazardous chemicals.
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